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Pro wrestling is not just about physical strength and athletic prowess. It’s also a battle of words, a contest of wit, and a showcase of charisma. One of the most essential tools in a wrestler’s arsenal is the promo – a scripted or improvised speech that entertains, informs, insults, or persuades the audience.

What Is Promo ?

Promo, short for promotion, is a segment in pro wrestling where a wrestler speaks directly to the crowd or his/her opponent. Promos can take various forms, from serious monologues to comedic skits, from fiery rants to poetic musings. The purpose of a promo can be manifold, including :

  • To hype up a match or an event
  • To build a character or a storyline
  • To mock or provoke the rival
  • To connect with the fans emotionally
  • To showcase one’s mic skills and personality

Some promos are pre-taped and edited, while others are done live in front of the audience. Some promos are heavily scripted, while others allow the wrestlers more freedom to improvise or ad-lib. Whatever the case may be, promos are a crucial element of pro wrestling that separates it from other sports or entertainment genres.

The Role of Promo in WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown, which airs every Friday night on Fox, is one of the flagship shows of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It features some of the biggest names in pro wrestling, including Rhea Ripley, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Edge, and Daniel Bryan. Smackdown is known for its fast-paced action, high production values, and engaging storylines. But it’s also a platform for wrestlers to showcase their promo skills.

Smackdown promos can range from intense confrontations to humorous segments. For instance, in a recent episode, Rhea Ripley, the reigning Women’s Champion, cut a scathing promo against her upcoming opponent, Charlotte Flair. Ripley accused Flair of being a spoiled brat who had everything handed to her because of her father’s legacy. She also mocked Flair’s fashion sense and imitated her signature strut. The promo generated a lot of buzz on social media and added more heat to their feud.

Another notable Smackdown promo was delivered by Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief and the current Universal Champion. Reigns has been praised for his heel turn and his new character as a dominant leader who demands respect and loyalty. His promos are usually calm, calculated, and menacing. In one of his promos, he addressed Edge, the veteran wrestler whom he will face at WrestleMania. Reigns reminded Edge that he had retired ten years ago, that he didn’t belong in Reigns’ ring, and that he would never be able to beat Reigns. The promo showcased Reigns’ mic skills and his ability to convey arrogance and superiority.

The Art of Cutting a Promo

Cutting a promo is not easy. It requires a combination of talent, training, and creativity. Here are some tips on how to deliver a great promo :

Know Your Character

A good promo starts with a clear understanding of your character’s personality, backstory, and motivations. Whether you play a hero or a villain, a funny guy or a serious contender, you need to stay true to your character’s traits and attitudes. This will make your promo authentic and believable.

Find Your Voice

A great promo also requires a distinctive voice that matches your character’s persona. You don’t have to sound like a Shakespearean actor or a motivational speaker, but you need to project confidence, clarity, and conviction. Experiment with your tone, pace, and inflection until you find a style that suits you.

Use Props and Gestures

A promo is not just about words. It’s also about visuals and gestures that enhance your message. You can use props such as microphones, chairs, belts, or signs to illustrate your point. You can also use facial expressions, body language, and movements to convey emotions and attitude.

Create a Hook

A hook is a catchy phrase, a provocative question, or a memorable punchline that grabs the audience’s attention and makes them want to hear more. A good hook can set the tone for your promo and create anticipation for your next match or segment.

Be Authentic

The best promos are those that come from the heart, not just the script. While it’s important to follow the storyline and the direction of the creative team, you should also inject your own personality and style into your promo. Don’t be afraid to improvise or add your own touch to the lines.

The Impact of Promo on Pro Wrestling

Promo is not just a tool for entertainment. It’s also a crucial element in the business of pro wrestling. A great promo can generate buzz, sell tickets, boost ratings, and increase merchandise sales. It can also elevate a wrestler’s status, credibility, and fan base. On the other hand, a bad promo can damage a wrestler’s reputation, hurt the storyline, and turn off the fans.

Moreover, promo is a way for wrestlers to express themselves creatively and emotionally. It’s a way to connect with the audience on a deeper level and to leave a lasting impression. Some of the most iconic moments in pro wrestling history were created by promos, such as Hulk Hogan’s « I am a real American » speech, The Rock’s « Finally…The Rock has come back » catchphrase, or CM Punk’s « Pipebomb » rant.

The Future of Promo in Pro Wrestling

Promo will always be an integral part of pro wrestling. As long as there are rivalries, championships, and characters, there will be promos. However, the nature of promo may change in the future, as technology, social media, and audience preferences evolve. Wrestlers may have to adapt to shorter attention spans, more interactive formats, and new platforms. They may also have to deal with the challenges of political correctness, cultural sensitivity, and diversity.

Nevertheless, promo will remain a test of a wrestler’s skills, creativity, and personality. It will remain a spectacle of verbal warfare that entertains and inspires millions of fans around the world. So, who’s ready for some smackdown ?

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